Student Writing

Here we post links to writing done by students, whether it was published in a formal venue or written for a Write to Vote Project classroom or event. If you have materials you’d like added here, please reach out to us.

Rachel Hartmann, “The Midterm Election: Voters Turn against Extremism,” The Notre Dame Observer, November 18, 2022 [op-ed]

Zachary Geiger, “A Catholic Response to Voter Suppression,” The Notre Dame Observer, November 3, 2022 [op-ed]

Zachary Geiger, “The Shadow of Election Denialism in Arizona,” Write to Vote Project, November 2, 2022 [op-ed]

Nicholas Crookston, “On Tearing Down the Ballot Wall,” The Notre Dame Observer, October 13, 2022 [op-ed]

Nicholas Merlino, “Russian Refugee Crisis,” NJIT Vector, October 3, 2022 [op-ed]

Audrey Feldman, “The Ballot is Stronger than the Bullet,” The Notre Dame Observer, September 29, 2022 [op-ed]

Pranav Anthrapu, “2022 Midterm Elections: Competing for a Gridlocked Congress,” NJIT Vector, September 23, 2022 [op-ed]

Zach Geiger, “Ohio Republicans Choose Gerrymandering over Our Republic,” Columbus Free Press, September 20, 2022 [op-ed]

Lauren Klein, “Learning (and Teaching) Democracy: The Key to Solving America’s Democratic Crisis,” The Notre Dame Observer, September 15, 2022 [op-ed]

Jack Wilson, “This November, Long Lines May Loom for Central Ohio Voters (if Ohio Republicans Get Their Way),” Columbus Free Press, June 10, 2022 [op-ed]

Julianne Downing, “Write to Vote: Promote Democracy and Publish Your Writing,” The Notre Dame Observer, April 8, 2022 [letter to the editor]