Research Materials

This page collects materials that are useful for researching voting rights. Please reach out if you have questions or materials to share.

William Duffy, “5 Things with Will Duffy: On Promoting Democratic Communication,” Commonplace, Knowledge Futures, 11/28/2022 [article]

Elizabeth Warren, “Senator Warren, Rep. Williams to Introduce Bill to Expand Youth Access to Voting,” 7/11/2022 [press release]

The Freedom to Vote Act Fact Sheet,” Brennan Center for Justice, 1/4/2022 [report]

The Voting Rights Lab: The Voting Rights Lab is a nonpartisan organization that brings state advocacy, policy, and legislative expertise to the fight for voting rights. Among other things, they offer a service called the States Voting Rights Tracker, which offers analysis of pending voting rights legislation in all 50 states. 

State Voting Bills Tracker 2021,” Brennan Center for Justice, 5/28/2021 [report]